The "Cubaritmo" dance show & revue's will be presented to you, your guests, customers and your audience with a full Cuban atmosphere.


You will have a real and unique Cuban entertainment program `` Live '' and perfectly coordinated for every occasion.


Our successful services offers various fantastic costumes and dance choreographies in Austria and neighboring countries.


With us, you will experience our cultures, because you get great dance animation from us and a professional dance workshop at each of our shows.


We divided dance couples - and a dance group from 3 to 12 dancers from Cuba. You will experience an authentic and 100% Cuban evening. Either with live music or with CD music (playback). It is guaranteed that you will feel our full temperament at your event.


We are "Cubaritmo" (Auténtico & Original) with art - culture & enjoyment. With are glad that our company is re-presented and guided by native Cuban artists.



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